We have the facility to split the sheets and rolls from the buns in the thickness range of 1 mm to 44 mm of closed cell and from 3mm to 45mm of semi-closed /open cell rubber foam.

With the use of world class precision splitting machines our sheets and rolls meet the very close tolerance range as per the DIN 7715 Part 5 Class 3.

Adhesive Coating

Adhesive coating is done on foam sheets to facilitate fixing of the end part easily on the application area. Adhesive coating can be done on all our materials including EPDM closed cell and semi-closed/open cell Foam, CR Foam, PE and EVA foam sheets. Our adhesive coating process is a unique process and gives a very good bonding strength between adhesive and material.

Die Cutting

Cellular rubber Foam products are ideal to make the die cut parts in various shapes, sizes & thickness with or without adhesive. We provide the complete solution with our die cutting process to the customer as per their customized requirement.